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Haiku getting ready for Alpha3

by @ 9:40 am on 1/31/2011. Filed under General News

There is talk again on the haiku-dev mailing list about a possible Alpha3 release soon. Things we can expect to see in the upcoming release are some of the things that were worked on by Google Code In students, such as better support for more languages, a couple new screensavers, improved (optional) SDL libraries, etc. Also there’s been a ton of work done since the Alpha2 release which was in May 2010, including improvement in wireless support and the mediaplayer, among other things.
This will also be the first release since GSoC 2010, which brought us IPv6, Improvement to the Layout Manager, etc.

So keep an eye out for the new target date and test out the nightly builds until then, reporting issues if you find any.

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