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Haiku gets 7 students for Google Summer of Code 2010

by @ 12:07 pm on 4/26/2010. Filed under Haiku

Google announced today the accepted students for Google Summer of Code 2010. Haiku gets 7 students this year. This is Haiku’s 4th year in the GSoC, in 2007 they had 8 students, in 2008 they had 5 students and in 2009 they had 6 students. Among this years projects are x86-64 support, IPv6, Media Player/ Media Kit improvements, LKL-Haiku-FSD, Network Services Kit, improved EXT3 File System support and Taking the new Haiku Layout Management API public. Let’s join in welcoming this year’s selected students.

Lucian Adrian: lkl-haiku-fsd: Haiku file system drivers for any Linux supported file system
Atis Elsts: IPv6 implementation for Haiku
Janito Vaqueiro Ferreira Filho: Implement ext3 support for Haiku
Christopher Humphries: Media Player, media kits improvements
Christophe Huriaux: Creating Services Kit core elements
Nathan Mentley: x86_64 port
Alex Wilson: Taking the Haiku Layout API public

Here’s a Blog posting from BGA about his recent Google summer of Code, and Haiku talks at SCaLE8x.

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