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The Right Time For Tablets?

by @ 9:27 am on 1/27/2010. Filed under General News

Apple obviously knows how to generate a lot of buzz. This time everyone believes it will be a tablet type device and Apple unveils. Companies have tried tablets before. Heck there was a sweet tablet that ran BeIA 10 years ago. Have times or technology changed to make tablets more viable? Does Apple have the power to make its own markets where there are none? Would you want to run Haiku on a tablet type device? Just curious.

4 Responses to “The Right Time For Tablets?”

  1. diogen says:

    Dude, there is one OS I want to run on Tablet Devices – Haiku. Especially if it’s about low-end “green” machines below 1,5 Ghz. I do not want to hold in my arms these “smoking hot” things, which produce alot of heat. Fukk. That.

    Nice, clean, cold and fast (Haiku-power) machine with multitouch and wacom-like capabilities and a pen – i’m sold totally.

  2. Yez says:

    Diogen, I like the way you think!!!

  3. JonathanThompson says:

    I think Apple has finally come up with a viable solution: it has enough CPU power, battery life, screen real estate, low enough weight, a HUGE software ecosystem that’s easy to get stuff from (you’ve got the AppStore or the AppStore: any questions? At least, for the typical person) low enough price, and an OS optimized for the touchscreen interface: this last one cannot be overstated for importance, because, in combination with the other things, makes it viable for these to sell in meaningful numbers. Microsoft has, curiously, been hamstrung in attempting to make tablets work, precisely because they have a huge software library for Windows, but almost none of it is designed for a touchscreen GUI. That, and 10’s of millions of probable customers already have been testing the user interface via the iPod Touch and the iPhone: there’s no learning curve to overcome when changing OSes because they’ve already been using it on another appliance/portable device.

    From watching the keynote, the iPad clearly would be a nice device to run Haiku on, with one requirement first: that Haiku has a GUI designed for touchscreen. So, if that were to happen, would it still be Haiku as we know and love?

  4. Tristan says:

    Makes sense. It’s a robust, lightweight single user OS. haiku would work really well on a tablet. It may need some UI tweaks for usability.

    Given fixed hardware, it would only need the most basic required set of drivers / modules installed. It would Be brilliant!

    If it is half as fun to code for as PalmOS, I’m sold.

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