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Wanna Work With WebKit

by @ 10:22 am on 11/4/2009. Filed under Bits N' Pieces

Maxime Simon (the GSoC student that worked on the WebKit port with Ryan Leavengood) has put up a blog entry that describes how to build the WebKit on Haiku. For those adventurous enough to try this, you can find Maxime’s post here. Remember, this solid WebKit port is the foundation that Haiku needs to build a native web browser.

2 Responses to “Wanna Work With WebKit”

  1. m0ns00n says:

    Has Maxime quit working on the port? The article intro didn’t mention anything about that.

  2. m0ns00n says:

    The Aurora browser is pretty good actyally. I would really prefer a Haiku GUI, but this will do for now.

    The Haiku community is very quiet these days. Not much info is brought out. Let’s make people speak up more, eh? =)

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