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Haiku gains “Stack and Tile” interface

by @ 1:20 pm on 10/28/2009. Filed under Haiku

We saw the videos from the University of Aukland, and then got to try out the patches, but now the Stack and Tile code has been added to Haiku as of r33814. It allows you to stack any window onto another window or windows, or you can tile windows into groups, or do both at the same time. It may still be a bit buggy, but now that it is in the tree, it can more easily be worked on and debugged. As always if you find any bugs that aren’t already reported, be sure to file a new trac ticket for them. After using these new features you may just wonder how you managed without them. If you like having tabs in your browser, imagine having windows stacked that you can tab between.

One Response to “Haiku gains “Stack and Tile” interface”

  1. diogen says:

    Awesome! Another Ultimate Epic Win for Haiku.

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