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Haiku Podcast #18

by @ 10:43 pm on 9/20/2009. Filed under Haiku

Haiku Podcast #18 is now available for you viewing pleasure.  This podcast features 55 minutes of Haiku information brought to you by Urias McCullough and Matt Madia, TheNerd and Sikosis.  Head on over to and enjoy the great work they have put together.

3 Responses to “Haiku Podcast #18”

  1. m0ns00n says:

    How do I gain access to this podcast in Haiku?

  2. Yez says:

    Unfortunately, you can’t watch the Vimeo video in Haiku yet. Sikosis mentioned that he is going to build an audio only version of the podcast soon so it will most likely be an MP3 you can easily listen to in Haiku.

  3. m0ns00n says:

    Great 🙂

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