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Haiku R1 Alpha1 is now out!

by @ 9:55 pm on 9/13/2009. Filed under Haiku

After many years of development, there is now a first alpha release of Haiku. This release is mostly aimed at developers, but many will be checking it out to see just how far the project has come. So head on over to and grab your copy, burn it to CD and mark it with September 14th, 2009. Give it a try out and come back and post your comments in our forums here. Congrats to all who were involved in making this possible, from those early developers who kicked off the project, to the ones who’ve just joined recently and everyone in between, and all the non-developers who’ve also pitched in to help out where they can. They have also done a refresh on the web site and it looks great.
Be sure to read the Welcome link on the desktop, lots of good info in there.

3 Responses to “Haiku R1 Alpha1 is now out!”

  1. eddiebelfast says:

    Ex-Be and Zeta user. Love it. Slight prob with intermittent freezing of browser, other than that just GREAT!
    Triple booting with W2k and Linux.
    Running Duo core,4 gigs ram, Sata, nvidia o.b video.

  2. FuriousGeorge says:

    Come back former readers of begroovy. There is now something to see here.

    Is this the only remaining “BeOS News Site” from the days of Be Inc?

  3. H-kon says:

    Still reading 🙂

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