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Haiku Google Summer of Code Interview with Chico Chen

by @ 10:06 pm on 5/10/2009. Filed under Haiku

Here’s the third in our series of interviews with the students who applied for this year’s Google Summer of Code for Haiku, this time with Chico Chen.

Tell us about yourself
I am a first-year graduate student in Graduate University of
Chinese Academy of Sciences now. My Major is basic software and
Trusted Computing. I love writing some codes in my blog to remember or
to share. I can read, write and speak English correctly enough to
understand and be understood. I cooperate with others easily, also
have coordination skills, teamwork spirit. I am skilled in use of C,
Java, UML, especially C++.

How did you hear of GSoC?
from open source

What convinced you that Haiku is a project worth working on?
I don’t know much about the future of Haiku. But it is an interesting
project. The code is not complex and the lines of code is not huge.

How’d you first hear about Haiku?
from GSoC

Do you have any experience with BeOS or Zeta?

What did you apply to work on, why did that specifically interest you?
The media kit. No, just I don’t know much about media. The unknown
part is very interesting.

If you do not get the chance to work on the project you applied for is there another area that interests you?
You can recommend me some areas, and then I decide to choose one of them or not.

Is there anything Haiku (as an organization, website, community, individuals, any facet of Haiku) could’ve done differently to help you as an applying student?


Was anything overly complicated or discouraging?
The big problem is I should adjust to develop project in linux and
other os. I used xp and vs to develop projects in the past.

Do you have any suggestions or constructive criticism for the people involved with Haiku’s participation in GSoC?

Haiku should give some suggestion after someone committing his/her
project proposal.

Besides Haiku, did you apply to any of the other orgs involved with GSoC? If so which ones?

the Database Module of scilab.

Would you be interested in a possible Haiku Code Drive?

What influenced your decision to become a programmer?

My major. And I find I am suit for this major.

What is/are your language(s) of choice?

Did you work on any open Haiku tickets, and if so which ones and what was your overall impression on the code you worked on? Any plans to try working on other open items?

patch :
patch :
patch :
patch :
patch :
And I have opened many tickets.

some of code need to be reconstructed.
No other plan.

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