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HaikuPorts Gets New Home

by @ 3:57 pm on 7/31/2008. Filed under Haiku

The new HaikuPorts site is now up and running at:
If you’ve ever ported something over to BeOS they’d be happy to have extra hands helping out. Just contact Brecht to get added.
For many of the ports it’s just a matter of locating the source code, checking for prior BeOS workarounds and undoing them. In some cases, since Haiku is more POSIX compliant than BeOS, many workarounds are no longer required. They are logging what’s needed for each to get it to build, or in cases where they haven’t gotten something to build, they’ve left notes so the next attempt to port it will have a place to start. So far it’s mostly stuff that had at one time or another been ported to BeOS.

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