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to 3D or not 3D the desktop, Darkwyrm weighs in

by @ Tuesday, April 17th, 2007. Filed under OpenGL

DarkWyrm has taken the time to write down why he feels that a 3D accelerated Haiku Desktop would provide a better user experience for all users. A 3D accelerated desktop is not just for eye candy anymore. DarkWyrm explains how a 3D desktop could easily be used to provide a lot more function than form […]

DirectX wrapper to support R5 w/out OpenGL

by @ Wednesday, August 1st, 2001. Filed under OpenGL

realtech VR has posted an update to their directx wrapper page announcing that it will support R5 without requiring Be’s updated OpenGL kit. This is not only good news, but it is just amazing technically as well. Admittedly, it will be difficult to use, since it will not be hardware accelerated, but it is pretty […]

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