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yellowTab exits

by @ Friday, March 22nd, 2002. Filed under Inside BeOS Magazine

Well, the word is out to what some have been hearing rumors about recently… yellowTab is dissolving. So why is this categorized under InsideBeOS news? Because the magazine looks as if it will also be no more. Caught the link to that page from BeNews, yes, that’s right, they still post news now and again […]

InsideBeOS Shipping, European sales hurting

by @ Saturday, December 2nd, 2000. Filed under Inside BeOS Magazine

Just a quick note to let you all know what the status is on the shipment of the Inside BeOS magazine discussed a few weeks ago. Bernd Korz of Inside BeOS wrote us to let us know that the magazine finished it’s print run this week, and they are shipping now. They will attempt airmail […]

InsideBeOS magazine now available

by @ Thursday, November 16th, 2000. Filed under Inside BeOS Magazine

InsideBeOS Magazine, the german BeOS magazine, which was announced as being translated to english, is now availible in both its english and german versions. They are selling issue one and two now, via bebits. I think this is actually the first print magazine available focused on the BeOS. You can also order the accompanying CD. […]

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