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Virtual BeLive

by @ Tuesday, March 9th, 2004. Filed under Film / Movie

A new video editor for BeOS hit BeBits today for your downloading pleasure. Dubbed ‘Virtual BeLive’ the software already seems a serious piece of editing software though it’s said be largely under construction by the author, Bill Davenport. The sources are available, so dig in and help Bill out if you get a chance. The […]


by @ Wednesday, November 5th, 2003. Filed under Film / Movie

Okay, just got back from watching the Matrix. I have only one thing to say… F**K THE CRITICS!!! IT ROCKS!!! Seriously, don’t listen to the negative hype. Just suspend your disbelief a little bit (as you would any sci-fi flick), and go see it! I’ll see it again, no doubt. Sure, there are a couple […]

Honeycomb – The honeypot of AV production on BeOS

by @ Wednesday, January 2nd, 2002. Filed under Film / Movie

AlienSolder pointed me to this link over at SourceForge. And while it isn’t uncommon to see empty BeOS projects over there, it is uncommon to see one that was started on Dec 7 of 2001. Intrigued, I emailed Neil Johnson for more information about the plans of the Honeycomb team. “Read More” to see what […]

Film Review : Tomb Raider

by @ Saturday, June 30th, 2001. Filed under Film / Movie

And on a much lighter note… a film review of the new Lara Croft: Tomb Raider movie – the newest installment of game to movie crossover. And according to Rob, this one might actually be worth paying a few bucks for.

Memento: Short-Term Noir

by @ Wednesday, May 2nd, 2001. Filed under Film / Movie

You remember that Seinfeld episode where Elaine and the guys go to India for Elaine’s friend’s wedding?  Remember how it was told backwards by scene?  Well then you have a good idea what to expect with the new-wave noir Memento. Read on for Rob’s review… update: though i don’t see where (maybe i didnt look […]

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

by @ Saturday, January 20th, 2001. Filed under Film / Movie

Ruprect is back with a review of the Coen’s "O Brother, Where Art Thou?", a comedy set in 1920-30’s Mississippi. George Clooney plays a complete moron, accompanied by two even greater morons, on a quest that parallels that in Homer’s Odyssey, all set to one of the best soundtracks since American Beauty’s score. A previous […]

Lord of the Rings Trailer Friday

by @ Thursday, January 11th, 2001. Filed under Film / Movie

BeGroovy’s Ruprect wrote in to point out that the trailer for “Lord of the Rings” will premier attached to the Kevin Costner film, “Thirteen Days”, tommorrow. (at least in the US, that is). I just finished reading LOTR and firmly believe that this film series (if done correctly) will unseat star wars as the best […]

Movie Review: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

by @ Tuesday, December 26th, 2000. Filed under Film / Movie

Santa isn’t the only one who can fly across the sky and balance precariously on rooftops… so can the warriors in what is being called the greatest martial arts movie ever made, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Ruprect is back with his view of this semi-limited release instant classic, which i am about to drive 2 […]

Movie Review: Dungeons & Dragons

by @ Tuesday, December 12th, 2000. Filed under Film / Movie

In the first part of a continuning series, BeGroovy’s resident movie reviewer, Ruprect, has a review of what could possibly the geekiest movie of the year, if not the decade. Dungeons & Dragons. Read on for the review, as well as an introduction to the BeGroovy Film category.

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