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Bringing Media Back to the Media OS

by @ Thursday, May 17th, 2007. Filed under Codec's and Media

Axel Dörfler has decided to tackle the issue of playing audio CDs on Haiku with the cool bells and whistles we expect.  Check here for more information about the Audio CD File System that Axel is working on.  Very good to see indeed!

leBuzz Poll

by @ Sunday, April 4th, 2004. Filed under Codec's and Media

leBuzz has a poll up asking for opinions on BeOS (or rather post BeOS) and it’s future professional audio use. Go put in your vote, I sure did. 🙂

UDF Anyone?

by @ Thursday, July 31st, 2003. Filed under Codec's and Media

Tyler Dauwalder has posted the first version of his read only UDF filesystem to BeBits. UDF is the filesystem used mainly on DVD’s and such, but is also used on various CD’s etc. It’s a pretty important filesystem going forward, and it’s great to have. Currently it supports most commercial (read: pressed) dvds and cds, […]

TuneTracker Deal Almost Gone

by @ Tuesday, May 14th, 2002. Filed under Codec's and Media

Dane put up a little reminder on leBuzz that TuneTracker, the professional quality radio automation software for BeOS, will no longer be available at the current $99.95 price. TuneTracker’s price will increase to $149.95 after this Wednesday, May 15th, with the official debut of TuneTracker 2 on June 1st. All of those that purchase TuneTracker […]

DirectX8 for BeOS now Open Source

by @ Monday, February 4th, 2002. Filed under Codec's and Media

KAMiKAZOW noted in our News discussion forums that the company that was working on the DirectX 8 wrappers for BeOS, Realtech-VR, has open sourced the project. Not sure what to make of this – whether they are looking for help to finish, or giving up and being nice by letting their accomplished work go – […]

Inferno – Yes, No? Maybe.

by @ Tuesday, January 29th, 2002. Filed under Codec's and Media

First, Frans van Nispen, one of the co-developers of Inferno, posted comments to the Inferno beta list, indicating that the developement of Inferno is now on hold. But hold on, while it looked like Inferno was going the way of Steinberg… he then posted this: Inferno is not dead ! The bugs will be solved […]

Inferno released as a public beta

by @ Monday, January 28th, 2002. Filed under Codec's and Media

Inferno, the graphics app to be on BeOS, has just been released as a public beta. You can download Inferno here. Props go to BeNews – yes, they still post news – for the correct download link, which is still incorrect on the download page of Inferno’s site.

Becasso 2.0 (and .tiff capability) arrive!

by @ Monday, December 24th, 2001. Filed under Codec's and Media

APlayer continues on BeOS

by @ Sunday, December 23rd, 2001. Filed under Codec's and Media

Thomas Neumann, author of APlayer, a former Amiga audio player now available on the BeOS platform (both x86 and PPC), recently wrote in to let everyone know that APlayer development continues, and that he is working really hard on a version 4 of the software. Thomas estimates that it will be about 5 more months […]

3ivx update – 10 times faster?

by @ Tuesday, August 14th, 2001. Filed under Codec's and Media

Allow me to quote directly from an email that just appeared in my “News Submissions” folder: For those of you still interested in BeOS multimedia, 3ivx just released the latest (3.5) version of their MPEG-4 video codec. According to the docs, it now encodes about 10 TIMES faster than previous version! Download here: Clear, […]

BeOS losing the MediaOS edge?

by @ Friday, July 20th, 2001. Filed under Codec's and Media

So it looks as though time is passing, and other OSes are beginning to catch up with our beloved OS in areas that we were so many light years ahead of not so long ago… Slashdot has a story up about DeMuDi, Debian Music Distribution, which “is the first distribution of GNU/Linux whose sole purpose […]

MP3 Pro on BeOS?

by @ Wednesday, June 27th, 2001. Filed under Codec's and Media

Mike Zader was looking into MP3 Pro at Coding Technologies, and if they’re considering a port for BeOS. Here’s their answer: This is not yet decided. Technically, the libraries should be easily ported to BeOS so if there is a demand and a company interested in doing so, this should be possible. Whatever happens, we […]

BRS TuneTracker Demo Released

by @ Wednesday, June 27th, 2001. Filed under Codec's and Media

Dane Scott Productions has released the demo version of BRS TuneTracker. If you downloaded the demo version from BeBits the first couple of days it was out, and it has problems, download it again. And, better mention that this app is a great one to do demo’s with at BUG meetings. Hit the Read More […]

3ivX Delta 3 released WITH encoder

by @ Sunday, March 25th, 2001. Filed under Codec's and Media

3ivx has updated their beos software again, this time including an encoder, so you can save your movies as 3ivx. This is great news. I really think we should be pushing 3ivx as a format for popular things like movie trailers, since they are offering support for lots of platforms. Thanks 3ivx guys!

3ivX delta 3 to be released at CeBit – includes Encoder

by @ Tuesday, March 6th, 2001. Filed under Codec's and Media

The 3ivx site has posted notice that they will be releasing version “delta 3” of their video codec at CeBit, and it will include an encoder. They have been maintaining all platforms (including BeOS) and hopefully the encoder will appear on Be at the same time as the others. If the encoder were to convert […]

Watch Encrypted DVDs on BeOS. NOW.

by @ Tuesday, February 20th, 2001. Filed under Codec's and Media

DVD has been one of the most sought after applications for BeOS. Countless users ask about it, and many say it’s the only thing holding them back from using BeOS 100%. Well, that is all about to change. As I type this, a window on my desktop is playing my Saving Private Ryan DVD direct […]

3ivX not released on BeOS yet

by @ Saturday, December 16th, 2000. Filed under Codec's and Media

Well.. in a stunning move of not-so-coolness, 3ivx launched today, but only with a windows version and a note that the BeOS version will “Take a little longer”. It is listed on their page, and their commitment seems to be intact, but it looks like another waiting game has begun. Oh well. Time to offer […]

3ivx codec to be released on December 15th.

by @ Friday, December 1st, 2000. Filed under Codec's and Media

Happy Machines, a company whos’ staff includes the orignial Divx coders, has just announced the December 15th release of 3ivx, their newest MPEG-4 codec. The release will simultaneously support 5 platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, *nix, BeOS, and Amiga. This thing has all the makings of the newest video codec of choice, and BeOS is a […]

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